NYC mayor pushes for shelter-in-place order as coronavirus cases surge to almost 1,900

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’s pushing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to approve a “shelter-in-place” order for the city as coronavirus cases surge to almost 1,900 across the five boroughs.

De Blasio, speaking to NY1 local television station, said he had a “very good conversation” with Cuomo about an hour ago.

Earlier in the day, Cuomo said he wouldn’t approve a “shelter-in-place” order for New York City after de Blasio told residents to prepare for one.

“That is not going to happen, shelter in place, for New York City,” Cuomo said on The Daily podcast by The New York Times. “For any city or county to take an emergency action, the state has to approve it. And I wouldn’t approve shelter in place.”

De Blasio told NY1 that he’s pushing for similar restrictions put in place by San Francisco earlier this week. “It’s not shutting down the city, de Blasio said, adding that bridges and tunnels would still be open.

Northern California officials announced Monday a “shelter-in-place” order that will affect nearly 7 million residents of six counties in the Bay Area as the region tries to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. The order asks all residents of six Bay Area counties, including San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda, to remain home as much as possible.

New York state and other hard-hit regions across the country are trying to slow the spread of the virus so that the nation’s health-care systems don’t get overwhelmed. Cuomo and other tri-state area officials on Monday banned all gatherings of 50 or more people and placed restrictions on restaurants, bars and other places of recreation.

COVID-19 has infected more than 7,300 people across the U.S., according to data from John Hopkins University. In New York state, there are more than 2,900 cases, the highest in the nation.

“When we’re going to have a real problem is when cases hit their apex and descend on the health-care system and we will not have enough hospital beds,” Cuomo said during a press briefing Tuesday. 


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