Stock market live updates: Dow futures down 680, airlines slide, Apple drops

This is a live blog. Please check back for updates.

The Federal Reserve may be forced to cut interest rates this year as worries about the coronavirus keep spreading, according to an Evercore ISI note to clients on Monday. “With outbreaks of the Wuhan virus in South Korea and Italy suggesting that it may be on the brink of morphing into a global pandemic we raise our estimate of the likelihood that the Fed cuts interest rates this year to 45 per cent,” strategist Krishna Guha said. “We would rather have a vaccine than a rate cut and fully recognize that monetary policy is not optimized for addressing this type of shock,” he said. —Bloom

Headlines over the weekend about a surge in coronavirus cases reported outside of China dented market sentiment to start off the week. South Korea said the number of people infected now totals more than 750. In Italy, the government said more than 130 cases have been confirmed along with three deaths. Iran has also confirmed more than 40 cases and eight deaths stemming from the coronavirus. These reports sent not only U.S. risk markets tumbling; they also dragged down global markets. —Imbert

Stocks not directly tied to the coronavirus fears are also very weak in premarket trading as investors sell popular positions in a risk off move. Netflix shares were off 4%. Amazon, Microsoft and Disney all dropped more than 3%. —Melloy

Stocks directly and indirectly hurt from the spread of the coronavirus were selling down big in the premarket. American Airlines and Delta were both down more than 4%. Carnival Corp was off by more than 6%. Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts were both off by 5%. Tech stocks, who could have the most to lose from a slowdown in global growth, were getting hit. Advanced Micro Devices, Micron and Nvidia were all down more than 6%. Apple was off by 4%. Global apparel maker Nike was down 4%. —Melloy


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