Watch: World Health Organization holds press conference on the coronavirus outbreak

  • World Health Organization officials held a press briefing to update the public on the latest news on the outbreak.
  • There are more than 73,400 confirmed cases and at least 1,874 deaths so far.

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World Health Organization officials are holding a press conference Tuesday to update the public on the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 73,400 and killed at least 1,874 so far.

Named COVID-19, the virus has shuttered commerce across much of China and is hitting company earnings, global stock markets and manufacturing across the world.

WHO officials declared the coronavirus a global health emergency last month, while urging the public against over-reacting to the virus.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran has reportedly said there is a “credible risk” that China’s fast-spreading coronavirus could escalate into a global pandemic.

Speaking to France Info radio Tuesday morning, Veran said the prospect of the coronavirus spreading worldwide was “both a working assumption and a credible risk.” The United Nations health agency recognizes a pandemic as the worldwide spread of a new disease.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned Tuesday that the virus is spreading to other areas of the world. Confirmed cases in Japan have doubled in the last four days, he said, adding that the country appears to be “on the cusp of a large outbreak and maybe epidemic growth in Japan. We need to watch that very closely.”

There are at least 59 confirmed cases and one death in the country so far, he said on CNBC’S “Squawk Box.” “If you start to see this become an epidemic in other nations … that’s going to be extremely worrisome that we’re not going to control this globally,” Gottlieb said.

Read CNBC’s live updates to see the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak.


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