Coronavirus live updates: China confirms 121 more deaths, 5,090 new cases

  • China’s Hubei province reported an additional 116 deaths and 4,823 new cases as of the end of Feb. 13.
  • Of the new cases, the government said that 3,095 were “clinically diagnosed.”
  • In total, Hubei authorities said that 51,986 people have been infected in the province.
  • The United States does “not have high confidence in the information coming out of China” regarding the count of coronavirus cases, a senior administration official told CNBC.

This is a live blog. Please check back for updates.

All times below are in Beijing time.

China’s National Health Commission reported an additional 121 deaths nationwide, as well as 5,090 new confirmed cases as of Feb. 13.

Gregory Gilligan, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China said supply chain disruptions have hit members and that the organization is helping companies navigate different regulations in various parts of China.

“We’ve basically been working with folks to work around to get through the temporary regulations that are in place to try to slow down the virus. Many places have put up measures that impact logistics, transportation — so delivery of materials, getting materials that are once produced out, etc,” he said. — Huileng Tan

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, China’s Guangzhou city has banned people from going out to eat at restaurants. That ban was effective Feb. 12, as people came back to work this week after the extended Lunar New Year break.

Guangzhou is the capital of the manufacturing hub of Guangdong province, and is one of the largest cities in China. — Cheng


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